VM Manual

Organised retail strives to create an experience which is homogeneous across all stores. 

We create VM manuals aimed at achieving similar Visual Merchandising standards throughout all outlets of the brand.

We design VM manuals to create stores that customers will find attractive and appealing, and most importantly, easy to shop. The VM of the store should follow and reflect the principles that underpin the store’s image and its brand essence.

The VM Manual would have all details of:

  • Display areas,

  • Signage,

  • Checklists,

  • Mannequin Maintenance,

  • Fixtures,

  • Merchandise presentations,

  • Hanger details,

  • VM calendar (with budget details), etc.

All aspects of VM are covered in the most simplified (pictorial) way so as to be understood by just anyone implementing the same.

Our manuals aim at not just creating visually appealing stores, but also stores that are high on conversions.

The VM Manuals are based on the science of visual selling.

Contact us to create or revamp your VM Manuals to world class standards