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ThinkTank Display Calendar 2015-16

A good display is the result of Planning, Coordination, & cooperation!

The display person must know, in advance, when a particular display will be installed, where it will be installed, and what will be shown and promoted. He or she needs some sort of schedule (which can be altered) or, at least, a master plan.

The execution of a good display comes from knowing in advance what trends, what colors, and what type of merchandise are scheduled for future display so that some though and preparation can be made for the eventual visual presentation of that new merchandise. It also requires a close working relationship with the retailer, buyer or merchandiser, marketing people, and display manufactures and vendors.

Good displays come from the display persons knowledge of what is available and where, what is in stock or in the warehouse, and what can be borrowed "begged" from neighbors or institutions in the community. It requires an awareness of what is going on in the community, in the city, in the country, and in the world, and then being able to draw on that awareness to create attention-getting image-building, and merchandise-selling displays.

The display calendar is a well-thought-out time schedule that keeps displays and merchandise moving freely in and out of windows and on and off ledges. A change of merchandise in windows can be set for every 7 days to 10 days, but window display should never be longer than 45 days.

Source: Visual Merchanding & Display (fourth edition) by Martin M Pegler

CLICK the icon to download the extensive display calendar 2015-16 in MS Excel format. Use it as ready reference, add your SALE dates, promotions, marketing activities, Spring Summer/Autumn Winter launch dates, edit it, print it, IMPLEMENT IT!
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