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Dear Readers,

Here we present the 58th Update of THINKtank. Past month was mostly about New Launches (AW Launches) or Promotions. Many good windows and communication graphics were seen in the organized retail sector.

This month we are presenting some good Window Displays done internationally, across the globe. These are very ‘New Age’ window displays and can no-way be copied or replicated by other retailers, be it unorganized sector or organized retail. If you happen to do something on similar lines, do share with team THINKtank.

Also, 15th Dec 2011 being the last day for the VMSD entries. Do not forget to participate if you have done some good work this year. More details can be obtained from their website.

Happy Displaying!!!

Bergdorf Goodman

Bergdorf Goodman has some fascinating holiday windows this year in New York City. The theme is the four seasons - Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn - plus the Holiday season. Bergdorf Goodman describes the theme and shows several examples here on its website. Each window features artistic imagery on a white-on-white scheme. The windows were inspired by Natural History Museum dioramas. You may search more of the windows on the YouTube.

Moschino Store Window: Love is Free

NEW YORK, Entitled “Love is Free”, Moschino created everyone's dream, an ATM machine that does not stop giving!

A familiar scene in any city or town starting of a certain size, an ATM cash dispenser has its place. A single female mannequin wearing a Moschino dress from the Spring/ Summer 2010 collection, stands in front of the machine waiting for it to dispense love.

The machine continuously dispenses cash, to the point that the “woman” is literally getting buried under a pile of money while the ATM says, “love is free”.

Once again, Moschino does it…creating a thought provoking store window that is fun yet philosophical at the same time.


DSquared2 Fall 2010 Ad Campaign: Living Mannequins

MILAN, Entitled “Aseptic Chic” the DSquared2 Fall 2010 advertising campaigns revolved around nudity and the natural essence of fashion.

With the models represented as “mannequins in a store window”, the eroticism usually associated with nudity was expunged and thus the human body became the aseptic inspiration for Dean & Dan Caten.

Shot by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot, the atmosphere in a modern anatomy lab was recreated. Cold and unyielding, the shots recalled a series of clinical experiments emphasized by the models being “imprisoned” in glass tanks that might as well be store windows.

The aggressive and inexpressive woman is colored almost monochromatically, balanced by an alternating palette of black and white; opposition, however, is represented by slips, latex gloves and shocking red lips.

Ultra skinny leather dresses clothe the DSQUARED2 woman, as she is wearing shoes and high “spinal” heels.

Cotton hockey shirts and dark jeans are worn by the DSQUARED2 man, though he sometimes he is seen as bare-chested. He is strong and severe, but is still imprisoned: a concept that synergizes the F/W 2010 DSQUARED2 theme, and is one that hints at Damien Hirst's art style.

DSQUARED2 eyewear also strictly follows Dean & Dan Caten's concept, showing big, severe, rigid and geometric shapes. Metal details and stylized squaring serve to emphasize their intensity.



Photo: Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot
Art Direction: Giovanni Bianco
Styling: Camilla Nickerson
Hair: Garren
Makeup: Charlotte Tilbury
Set design: Gerard Santos
Photos courtesy of DSquared2



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