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THINKtank Update 53

Warehouse + Home = Clever Design

VilaSofa, a furniture store that opened in Amsterdam in October is a clever design feat by Tjep. Judging by the VilaSofa website, it is a brand that can use some visual updating. VilaSofa is positioned somewhere between an IKEA store and a conventional furniture store and its claim to fame is reasonable prices and a guaranteed 48-hour delivery of all displayed models.

The Amsterdam-based Tjep faced the challenge of making all this look cool. It zeroed in on the warehouse concept but with a homey twist. It focused on the aspects of speed and the transitional nature of the place where factory-born furniture lives while waiting to be taken to your home.

Combining warehouse and home isn't easy, but Tjep accomplished it by only suggesting both. They used warehousing and transportation symbols as the basis for gigantic cutouts and wall graphics, and created a white wall with cutouts of chandeliers, windows and ornate balconies that imply a villa and refer to your home as your castle. Staff rides around in cute cash-register trolleys so that customers don't need to go to them.

Source: Cool Hunters
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  Found in Archives  
  Chinese artist WANG QINGSONG sits in the shop window of Selfridges in central London. Wang has created an installation across the entire run of Selfridges front shop windows entitled ‘Follow Me’, which employs motifs and symbols of popular culture inspired by the global appetite for shopping.  
  Color Blocking  

Colour is a key element in all aspects of retailing; the merchandising, the interior decoration of the store, the lighting and the way the displays are composed. It is what the shopper sees first and for many is more important than the size or the price tag. One of the most important elements of merchandise presentation that can be used to draw the customers in to a Department/Section is Colour Blocking.

The typical display at any given ‘cut-piece’ shop anywhere in India, would be somewhat like this. But the color range displayed at KOHINOOR, Chura Rasta, Jaipur is simply amazing. Though, the color blocking is not done very religiously and could have been done better but overall it still helps customer to pick or match their respective choice.

Even if these ’cut-pieces’were divided among warm and cool colors, the magic would have been better!!!

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