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  Chief Editor Anuraag S | Editor Swati Bhalla | Powered by GigaSoft™ Issue 7, 2010

In this issue, we have display snaps all the way from North East (India). Not much organised retail in this region but creativity in Indian displays can be found anywhere and everywhere in the country. Following is the snap of a local grocery shop, located on the high-way at Chabua (near Tinsukia, Assam). The plcae is very popular for it’s tea gardens. It is said that britishers first started tea plantations in India from this village.

Amazing Display arch created with Clinic Plus ‘20% Extra’ sachets. The same look is again created inside above the retail counter (refer snap on left). There is a hand written-sign board which reads ‘Har bhartiya Nari ke baalon ki pehchaan’ & ’New Clinic Plus-Strong & Long shampoo builds hair’.

The message is clearly delivered. The display surely gets your attention and is very welcoming.


The famous SILKALAY, situated in Dibrugarh-Assam, on the banks of Brahmaputra River is very popular for Assam silk and the huge range available is very well appreciated. Weather you need Silk Sari's, Shirts, Suit pieces, Fashion jewellery and silk material for other traditional dresses, its all available at a reasonable price. The window display is done in a very traditional theme with 4 mannequins done up in Bihu (local dance form) costumes and action with Rice Crop as prop.

Another popular market in the city-‘Bhutia Market’. All the merchandise sold here is imporetd from Tibet. What caught my attention was the uniformity among ALL the shops. Step display for footwear and then cloths at back, bags hanging on the bamboo poles, etc...


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