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Titan Experience Zone

Explore with time, explore time, explore Titan

Where: Hosur, Tamil Nadu, India
Commissioning: Titan Industries
When: 2009
Concept: xdlab & Titan Global Design
Research, analisys, strategy: xdlab & Titan Global Design
Art Direction: xdlab & Titan Global Design
Visual Communication: xdlab & Titan Global Design
Architecture: xdlab with Electra
Motion graphics and short movie: xdlab with MonkeyTalkie
Static graphics: xdlab
Interactive Hardware and Software: xdlab
Production management: xdlab


The TEZ is the center of the Hosur World of Titan Flagship store, where visitors can experience, explore and learn about Titan products, philosophy, values, history, innovations, communication and more.

It is not only a store, but also an experience space. It is about Titan, but not just about it alone. TEZ is a unique physical and qualitative synthesis of the Titans world-class approach and values.

It has been designed to allow Titan to introduce itself and speak in a very distinctive way to its visitors, to communicate more effectively and affectively.

The space engages its visitors with a journey which starts very emotionally and develops adaptively offering more and more information as the visitor explores more of the space, rigorously clock-wise. The beginning of the journey is also the end. It is a cyclic looping journey, just as time is. The more rounds the visitor goes through, the more experience and awareness he reaches. TEZ also serves the surrounding shop, where visitors can buy products.

TEZ consists of five areas:

Located in the center of the TEZ, this experience is a pure plunge into the context of time. It is designed as an emotion-rich initiation into the TEZ, where the visitor experiences Time in many attributes and scales. Here the visitor can emotionally experience some hidden beauties of common everyday life, using time as a revealing tool. The beauty in the seemingly ordinary rainfall, a thunderstorm or the passage of clouds on an ordinary day. The many months of growing flowers seen in seconds or drops of rain falling on a leaf. Time only reveals the scale at which the ordinary is revealed with surprisingly extra-ordinary beauty.

The space activates as the visitors walks in, and consists of an immersive movie projected over an enclosing projection surface, that embraces the visitors and shows him hidden beauties through a short clip.

This space offers the first direct glimpse into Titan, where the idiom of reflections is realized with ‘magic’ mirrors becoming the means of delivering the experience. Milestone watches, each holding a rich story about itself within, wake up on being touched, and release their ‘souls’ from their physical reflection in the story-telling mirror behind them. These souls then present information about the watch itself as well as about innovation, deep design, and key achievements over Titan’s history.

This type of interaction is proven to drive visitors to attain more information rather than ‘tedious or seemingly inconvenient’ ways such as asking verbally or reading off booklets.

This area expands on the innovation stories of the reflection installation, and turns its focus on the aspect of technology in terms of precision. Here the Titan Edge, technological masterpiece of the group, is physically presented in an augmented hologram, and reveals its inner self in an animated blow-up virtually. In fact, as people approaches, the watch disintegrate itself into its various minute components, to then re-assemble when people leaves. The Edge experience is re-enforced by an actual layered presentation of its various components, physically presented as an inset of the static graphics.

The other key element of the area is offered as a viewing experience with a physical microscope, where the visitor gets to experience the precision capabilities of Titan first-hand.


A warm experience given through an enriching interface with the people who define Titan or have a relationship with Titan - the visionaries, the designers, the workers, the ambassadors, the users and the visitors. It is a language of sharing thoughts, of getting insights into the human aspect of Titan, and, for an escorted visitor, a medium of leaving meaningful messages to connect.

The conversations emanate from the various portraits presented in the space, who talk to the visitor when he touches them. Special visitors-guests can also leave a message in the frame, and hear the ones that were left by visitors who interacted with this space before him. This experience is augmented with a virtually presented visitor guest book, where he can read various impressions on Titan as inked by important visitors over time.

It is a space which is largely static, and presents a summation of impressions that a visitor can absorb at his own pace, and for as long as he desires. It is an experience where he gets a canvas-view of Titan and its persona, presented in a stimulatingly engaging visual format. Various facts and figure stories highlight Titan’s capabilities and strengths, its Visions and it’s connect with people, without getting overtly sermonizing.

The visuals are layered to introduce an intriguing play between surfaces as one walks by, and are augmented by displays which showcase Titan’s advertisement and Logo evolutions, along with a presentation of its signature tune. Here any visitor can also leave their impressions about the experience in a visitor book.

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Courtsey: Anurag Sehgal, Founder and Principle Interaction Designer | [email protected]



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