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Dear Readers ,

The past two months were very happening.

We attended the exclusive workshop on Visual Merchandising by Jose Maria Bustos, President-Visual Merchandising Asia Pvt. Ltd. at In-Store Asia 2009 held at Bangaluru, India. We also attended the DESIGN YATRA 2009 at Mumbai from 4-7 Sep 2009.

We also happen to release the first of it’s kind text cum coffee table book on VISUAL MERCHANDISING by Tata McGraw Hill Higher Education. There is hardly any indigenous material available on VM. Martin M Pegler remains the pioneer and guiding force for most of the VM's. The other books are also available in the market by international writers but the purpose of writing this book is to provide that entire information which one wants to know about VM with Indian scenario in mind.

The book aims at providing comprehensive knowledge for A to Z about VM. The language and approach is very simple. It is hoped that after going through this book, the reader will have better perception of this subject as a student and will be immensely benefited and knowing VM as a retail science. In particular this book will be useful to visual merchandisers, shop designers, students of retail management, fine arts, retailers, and so on...

Window Display-Case Studies
Indigenous Displays-Casy Studies
Quality Management in VM
Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
Useful display material resource guide
Experiential Retail
...and much more...

For more details, please do write to us at [email protected]

Happy reading!

Team THINKtank



The above pictures are those taken of a sports car showroom. Being on one of the world's "most happening" street Champs Elysees, Paris, the attractive quality of the store should be of an extremely high standard, being able to aesthetically appeal to the suave and refined gentry from all over the world. In the first picture, the visual merchandising is exceptional where the vertically placed car on the wall, proving to be a hyperbole in the depiction of the sports car unit instantly attracts the attention of the viewer, thus compelling him to probe further into the details of the store. In the second picture the ceiling of the store is decorated with an interesting pattern of Cosco tennis balls, to emphasize the 'sports' aspect of the store.


Colors must be considered in view of their surroundings, as color can change dramatically when viewed under different circumstances. A red chair will appear yellower when put next to a blue wall. Next to a green wall a red chair will appear purer and brighter. Near a white wall it will appear lighter and brighter, and beside gray it will appear brighter. A dark color placed near a lighter color will appear deeper while the light color will appear lighter yet. Colors are also radically altered by differences in pattern and texture.

Courtesy of Fairchild Books, Division of Fairchild Publications, New York

2,200 AT&T Stores Installed with New Laptop Security Lt0900
by InvVue

Location: U.S.
Product: LTO900
Merchandise: Netbooks
Overview: The LTO900 Laptop Security has been tested in three stores for three months. While the testing was taking
place there were no reported losses. Bridgette Drake, Senior Product Development Manager – Emerging
Devices Organization reported;
“No false alarms, no product loss and no issues reported from the field.”


•Quickly and easily attaches to any size laptop or net-book.
•Light weight and flexible, only weights 4 oz., allowing customers to experience the true weight of the product.
•Utilizes InVue’s exclusive IR technology for superior protection.
•Excellent merchandising appeal, laptop security remains concealed behind laptop.
• Alarm tone unique from other alarms.
• Alarm remains attached to merchandise.


PrimeTYME™ is an amazing system that utilizes the space of your existing windows to create a media display with motion graphics and powerful messages that grab the attention of potential customers. Whether you choose to utilize our talented design and implementation team, or provide your own content, you will be amazed at how brilliantly the colors will dance on a larger-than-life display more to know more...

Contributed by Arti Karvayun


I found this subject of a beggar who gives change in return of notes very interesting because its on a very basic level. Someone who is not even literate to know the attributes of VISUAL MERCHANDISING understands the importance of it and has all the common sense to make sure that he arranges his coins properly in a very presentable manner. He keeps all his coins of same value in a separate row which strongly depicts his sense of arrangement and display.
This Kite shop at Lajpath Nagar, New Delhi, is a great example of keeping up with the current trends or events and then doing up your display. This man has incorporated all features of independence day like the tri-colors, the freedom fighters etc. Each person crossing the shop ends up giving it a second look thanks to the vibrant repetitive pattern.   This is another great example of use of space and color co-ordination. The roof in its entirety has been used to store charkhi’s and the shop is covered wall to wall with kites. All kites are organized in a beautiful color co-ordinate pattern which makes the shop look very vibrant and appealing.



  Course Description:
This 20 week (5 month) course has been designed for those wishing to begin a career in the visual merchandising or those who hold positions as visual merchandisers in the retail industry.
  Aims & Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, students will have an understanding of the Visual Merchandising industry including: principles & elements of display, development & design of language for the purpose of product presentation, design &
construction of props, and working to an industry brief
  Entry requirements:
Satisfactory completion of graduation or its equivalent from any recognised university, or some art/ design experience and/or a demonstrated capacity and motivation for this field. Applicants may attach a folio of their art, craft, design work or photographs of display and merchandise presentation with the application form.
  How to apply:
Just fill in the application form and send it accross to us. You can download the application form from the e-vm section of our website. or CLICK HERE to download the form.
  Call: +91 98107 80149
Mail: [email protected]

*Conditions Apply.



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