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 October 2007

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Anuraag S

Swati Bhalla

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Special Contribution
Aarti Karwayun

First Impressions
Anuraag S

Not many people have guts to experiment something new these days. Everyone is after short-cuts and follow ‘copy & paste’ methods. But 2 Delhi based guys, who were fed-up with their routine jobs at a BPO in Gurgaon, decide to quit the day they were offered a raise and a much awaited promotion.

Inderpal Singh Bajaj and Ashim Chakraborty wanted to do something different and one night while they were all worried about their career, they saw a Contessa parked. There minds got stuck on the idea of converting the same into a Kitchen! Wait a minute...“What did you say?”. “How about converting a Contessa into a kitchen?”, Yes, this was the moment when they decided to start an eating joint as Delliwalas are too fond of food, and the very next day they got down to work.

Will it look good without a roof or black in color? Lot of brain storming happened, sketches were drafted and finally the dream kitchen was planned-out. But things are not that easy, right? Many times plans, designs, concepts look fantastic on a piece of paper, but when you actually get down to the details and implementation, you start thinking “Why the hell did I think of such a stupid idea”. But there was no stopping to Inderpal and Ashims’s dream kitchen. They hunted down their old friend Gurjeet, who was already into Cars and helped them a lot from the modification to the final look and output. Many hours & days were spent at Gurjeet’s workshop working on the design & following up with various other vendors.

Finally, the ‘TASTE DRIVE-A Car Kitchen’ was ready and presently placed outside Shoppers’ Stop, Rajouri Garden. The Car Kitchen is functional in the evenings and you’ll have to stand in a que, to experience the variety of delicious Dumplings and Rolls. The duo are planning to launch few more similar Cars at various other locations across the city and attract more Dilliwalas to their Visually Merchandised Car Kitchen!


Pick of the Month
October 2007

A chance to get noticed in the industry. A chance to show your creativity. A chance to participate and win display awards every month.
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This week's classic marketing MUST represents a shift in thinking for most people. It can be hard to do at first, but the results are dramatic and you'll see your marketing efforts start to really pay off.

The Signages in your store must…


The headline should not focus on you, your company, or the features of your product/service. Crazy you say? How will they know who I am and what I do?

You'll tell them all that, just not in the signage.

In your signage, you want to make the customer feel the BENEFIT of owning your product or using your services so that they will want to read more about the features.

Here are three made-up signage examples:

Example #1
Not so great: New Hoover 750 E Has 40 Horsepower Motor
Better: Get Your Carpets Cleaner, Faster With The Most Powerful Vacuum Ever Made.

Example #2
Not so great: Chiropractic Care Since 1983
Better: Got Back Pain? Get Relief Today!

Example #3
Not so great: SRQ. Inc. Offers Honest, Efficient Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses
Better: Spend Your Valuable Time Making More Money, Not Filing Your Bills!

Get the idea?

Tip of the Month Every category is different and thus every category must have there own presentation norms. These norms depend on the customer buying behavior, type of merchandise (for kids, ladies, adults etc.), size of merchandise, price point (fashion jewelry vs. diamonds), etc. Let us discuss a few categories each month, to give you an idea of how these norms are set:


1 Use Gondolas along with a prominent Signage/Header, etc
2 Tall candles/incense together, color blocked on upper shelves (refer picture below)
3 Short candle/incense together, color blocked on lower shelves (refer picture below)
4 Scented or floating candles have to be placed together, color blocked (wherever possible)
5 While displaying an assortment of this category on a wall, display in ascending order, as shown below.

Display similar category of products together, like home fragrances together, car/travel incense on one shelf and kitchen or bathroom related products on another shelf.

Window Display Case Study

Photograph Courtsey:
Aarti Karwayun, VM, Mumbai


A Namkeen shop outside Lower Parel station, Mumbai. The huge packets in front are only for display and stocking. The smaller packs kept above are the ‘sample’ packets which walking by customers can touch and fell. The neatness in presentation is very noticeable and eye-catching.
Another Namkeen shop outside Lower Parel station, Mumbai. Checkout the ‘step display’. Mostly, the impulse items are placed in-front or hanging from the top. A very typical way of stacking and showing the merchandise in any Indian grocery store.
A travel agents office in Goa. Specialize in Bus/Volvo bookings. A mini-half bus is popping out right above the entrance which makes him distinct form rest of the agents on and around the street!
By Anuraag S
Window Display Case Study


1 The depth of the window is approx. 4’.

2 The lights are rightly focused on the
(Checkout the lights on the sides)

3 The props used are:
a. Wall hanging wooden frame with
b. 3 Pots with Palm
c. Price signage’s
d. A metal chair

4 The mannequins are nicely positioned.

5 Since the pots, chair & wall frame are
in white color, the merchandise is getting
more prominence.

6 The band’s web-site is mentioned on
the window glass with white vinyl.

Retailers have only one language in which they communicate
effectively with the customers and that is VISUAL MERCHANDISING!
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Window Display Case Study
Lamina and North Star contribute to the visual impact of a Hindu temple in Lilburn, GA.
Contributed by Swati Bhalla

Illinois-based North Star Lighting, a lighting-solutions design and engineering firm, and New Jersey-based Lamina, an LED light engine developer and manufacturer recently collaborated to heighten the visual appeal of an Lilburn, GA temple built by the Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Puruschottam Swaminarayan Sanstha organization. North Star used more than 2,000 fixtures in its lighting design for the interior and exterior of the temple. The products comprised Lamina Titan and Atlas LEDs integrated with North Star Lilghting RAF series floodlights, recessed column lights and recessed step lights.

The stone for the project was handcarved in India and shipped piece by piece to the Georgia site, where it was reassembled according to ancient dictates. One marble section had been carved to accept a lighting that hadn't been designed yet, but the group told North Start how it should look. North Star dutifully designed it. (Visit:www.nslights.com)


BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir,
460 Rockbridge Road NW, Lilburn, GA 30047. USA
Tel: (1-404) 297 0501, Fax: (1-404) 297 1834

Visiting Hours: Daily 9am to 6pm

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