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 December 2007



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Swati Bhalla

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How visual merchandising can improve retail fortunes
By Anuraag S

A shop where customers create merchandise, decorate it and discover their creative skills. The Colour Factory is a whole new concept in creativity introduced for the first time in India. A do-it-yourself ceramic studio where you can paint your own designs to create customised pottery. There’s a wide range of colours and forms to choose from...mugs, cups, vases, platters, photo frames, cars, pen holders and even a ceramic mobile phone, which can be personalised with your special designs.

It’s easy to be an artist now. Not only kids but even adults are provoked to show their creativity and they enjoy it too. The best part is you experiment whit colours and forms on-the-spot. The friendly staff supports you with colours and other decorative material like little tiles/chips, etc. You just have to follow the simple steps to discover your artistic potential...
Step 1. Select a piece of ceramic, from the wide range displayed.
Step 2. Choose a design or trace a design with a pencil on your selected piece of ceramic. Accordingly, choose the colours.
Step 3. Create some colour magic with 20 attractive colours available.
Step 4. That’s all you have to do. They will glaze and fire it and return the finished piece in a week!!!
And that’s not the end, you can play with clay, you can have your birthday party organised here, or hold a corporate or a team building session, just give them a call and rest will be taken care!
Two years back on 25th Dec’05, Mr.Vikas Verma started The Colour Factory and it’s now in the Limca Book of Records for it’s uniqueness.
The Colour Factory Gurgaon: 120, Ist Floor, DT Mega Mall, DLF, Gurgaon.
Contact Person: Mr.Bhutia Phone No.: +91-124-4370958
The Colour Factory, Mumbai: Play Area, 2 nd Floor, InOrbit Mall, Malad (W), Mumbai.
Contact Person: Ms.Rachana Phone No.: +91-22-28779911
The Colour Factory, Bangalore: No. 3 Curley Street, Richmond Town, Bangalore 560025
Contact Person: Ms.Kavita Phone No.: +91-80-41240090
Now also at Club Mahindra resort, Varca, GOA.


December 2007

A chance to get noticed in the industry. A chance to show your creativity. A chance to participate and win display awards every month.
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Samsaara, South Ex-II, New Delhi                                

Mystic Monk, Mega Mall, Gurgaon


Ibn Batuta Mall, Dubai 2006

The window was done in three colors, Green (as on left), red and in amazing black. The white display fixture was cleverly used for showcasing the ‘suggestive gifts’.

There is a Gift Directory in every fixture, which cues the customers, on what floor the respective merchandise is available.

The coordination and grouping of the merchandise is worth mentioning with a very plain backdrop & simple Christmas props.

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Make Christmas Count
Christmas comes but once a year... so make it count!

You'll probably have the very large numbers of customers shopping your store over the next few weeks.
While you've got them in your store, think about what you want from them (aside from Christmas sales!)

1. Do you want all their names and addresses? Start asking!

2. Do you want to make sure everyone knows about your schedule of classes for the winter?
Whip up a brochure and start handing it out.

3. Do you want their e-mail addresses? Give them a reason to leave it with you.

4. Do you want great testimonials for your next newsletter/direct mailer? Get 'em now.

5. Looking for some hot new employees? Put a “help wanted” flyer in every bag.

6. Now's a great time to not only make money, but also progress on your other business goals. Let your customers help!

Pining for Perfection: Tips On Finding The Perfect Christmas Tree
By Mari Davis

DALLAS, Nov 29, 2005/ FW-Now that Thanksgiving is over, it's time to think about Christmas trees. Whether you are going to use fresh or artificial trees, here are tree-shopping tips to pick the perfect evergreen. According to Lowe's, a home improvement center store, there are at least 16 varieties of live trees and more than 35 styles of artificial ones to choose from. To help consumers decide on what kind and type, Lowe's Home Improvement Center are giving its customers tips on finding the perfect tree. "Lowe's experts at each store have helpful tips about how to choose a tree that is just the right size and shape, plus ways to decorate and care for a tree so it will be beautiful throughout the season," said Patti Price, vice president of merchandising for seasonal living at Lowe's.

Whether real or artificial, when shopping for a Christmas tree, there are five key considerations to keep in mind: space, size, type, coverage and lighting.

1. Space: Decide where the tree will be placed, and create a space free of obstructions from the location. Lifestyle and living space also play an important role in choosing the right tree for the home. Slimline trees are popular among apartment and condo dwellers. With a 36-to 48-inch base, these trees are very narrow and easy to decorate and fit into smaller, non- traditional areas of the home.


2. Size: Trees are available in a variety of heights from 18 inches to 12 feet. Again, consider lifestyle when selecting the size of a tree. For homeowners "on the go," trimming a 4-foot tree may prove to be festive and manageable. Also, give thought to ceiling height. Allow at least one foot between the top of the tree and the ceiling, which creates enough space for the tree topper.

3. Type: Because most artificial trees today mimic real ones, the tree type is equally important to consider for both artificial and live trees. Trees vary in coloration, needle style and shape, creating a look and feel to complement personal style and preference. Among some popular varieties are the Fraser fir, Scotch pine, Noble fir and Douglas fir. For needles that look and feel like the real thing, check out three styles of GE "Just Cut" artificial trees.

4. Fullness: Coverage refers to the density of the tree's branches. It is important to choose a tree that offers enough coverage to suit personal taste, but that still provides enough space to decorate. A full tree may be harder to decorate with little space to hang and display ornaments. A good gauge of fullness on an artificial tree is the "tip count." Generally, the more tips the tree has, the fuller it looks.

5. Lighting: For artificial pre-lit trees, consider the tree's coverage and light placement. Using the "squint test," squint the eyes to reveal any holes or areas that are not properly lit to determine if it is the desired look and effect. When purchasing lights for live trees, measure the tree to determine how many lights it will require. Miniature lights are ideal for live trees because they produce less heat and reduce the drying effect on the tree. Lowe's offers a variety of long-lasting, durable lights including GE(R) lights with Constant ON(TM) lighting technology, which allows the lights to stay on even when a bulb burns out or becomes loose.

For more information on how to select, decorate and care for a tree, visit any Lowe's store or http://www.lowes.com/

Window Display Case Study

People buy colors, before size or even a particular brand. Truck drivers are people too. You hardly see a shop which sells decorations for trucks. These road side temporary stall sells a huge range and a wide color range of the decoration. The ‘torans’ ranges from Rs.35 to Rs.350. And there is not just one such stall but dozens of them on NH8-Delhi to Jaipur, which ends at Mumbai.
A candle light dinner is just being replaced with a ‘Tomato Light’ dinner. The food is actually served with this light is a tomato which naturally brings a smile on the customers face and now on readers face too. Isn’t it?

A very common footwear shop, you may find in every city of our country. But not many of them color block the footwear’s (specially the ladies footwear) as such shop owners believe that color blocking confuses the customers and restricts them from showcasing the huge range they hold. Although, the same shop is too not color blocked from inside due to the same logic.


By Anuraag S


This book is divided into two sections. The first gives you the best-kept secrets when it comes to wondrous window displays and interiors. The second gives you the inside look at how retail stores and shopping centers around the world have prepared for the holidays. With more than 200 photos, this book is an excellent resource for Christmas planning and promotion.

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By Linda Cahan
What is it?
A custom visual standard manual details and explains how a store should look and how to keep it looking that way. A good manual allows room for change and teaches the reader how to access their creativity while staying within the boundaries of the stores' image and brand.

Visual standards include everything that is seen from the parking lot to the back door. It includes: lighting, signage, flooring, all surface materials, fixtures, merchandising the fixtures, displays, focal areas, aisles, wrap desks, maintenance, back room standards, washroom standards and office standards. The manual will often include the duties of each person working at the store regarding visual merchandising.

Who needs it?
If a store chain has an image that requires presentation standards or, they are re-creating their image and want to re-train their employees, a manual is one of the first steps to making this transition happen. A good manual is a secondary form of training for new employees (on floor training comes first.) Any chain of stores (chain meaning 2 or more) can benefit from having this training manual. Some retailers who have benefited from these manuals include: Saks Fifth Avenue, Singer Sewing Machine Company (for their 900 stores overseas), United Rentals (to teach/train the people in each of their locations how to present and sell merchandise related to their rental equipment), American Express Travel Related Services Company (for their 112 locations in the USA to make them better sell their travel services.) Some smaller retailers include Armi Studio and Totto in Bogota, Colombia. Each retail group developed new stores and with the new look, created new standards to maintain the new look. The manuals were developed to train their existing and new employees.

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1 It’s an Open-back window. Almost squarish.
2 The lights are focused on the mannequins.
3 The props used are:
a. Cylindrical Podium
(to display the matching accessories)
b. Display Hangers
(one to display a co-ordinate & the other to
display scarf/bag)

c. Colored wavy base & podium graphic.

4 The mannequins are draped in a proper
color coordination


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