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By Aarti Karyaun

Mannequin Styling has become a very important feature in Visual Merchandising. It takes Visual Merchandising to another level, where we not only look at the product, but its key features, sometimes how it used, worn or handled etc. Depending upon how the product is styled. Styling is about right coordination, presentation & an attitude of the product that reflects when its styled

Mannequin Styling gives the product diversions & illustrates ways the product can be worn. Accessories create a huge impact in styling, right shoes, bags, belts, jewellery, hair do’s, all these give a total impact and feel to the mannequin dressing hence it goes ahead to be called as Mannequin Styling. It puts forward the USP of the product & enhances it simultaneously.

Mannequin Styling is when we sell or create or push a look than individual product. A good stylist knows what exactly will look good when combined together which will lift up the merchandise that is displayed on the mannequin. Merchandise/product being the king of any display one should always look at glamorizing it so that it appeal and attracts attention.
A chance to get noticed in the industry. A chance to show your creativity. A chance to participate and win display awards every month. (submit your entries at [email protected])
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Tip #21 Play “Pass The Buck”

Sales contests are a fun and inexpensive way to inspire your sales staff to practice their higher level selling skills. Try our favorite contest and


The game goes like this… Pick a day when you want to maximize sales and give the first person who makes a sale that day a Rs.100 note to hold (or Rs.500 note or Rs.1000 note depending on how hard you want your staff to play!) The next person who makes a bigger sale than that first sale gets “passed the buck”. The next time a larger sale is made the “buck” gets passed again. This person who has the highest sale that day is left holding the buck and gets to take home the Rs.100!

We love this contest for six very specific reasons:

1) It's really fun.
2) It's super simple.
3) It encourages lots of add-ons.
4) It encourages up-selling.
5) It immediately rewards great employee performance.
6) It puts more money in the cash register.

Your employees will love it, and so will you!


by Anuraag S
We all do displays every now and then. Next time when you do so, please take a snap before your hands on, and then do take a snap after finishing up the respective display. Remember to position yourself at the same place both the times.
Submit your entries at [email protected]
Location: Mobile Bazaar, Big Bazaar, Sahara Mall, Gurgaon.

Le Beau Printemps
By Angelika Frank

Who doesn't love Paris (and Munich) in the springtime, when the window displays are alive with color?

The arrival of springtime brings new ideas to life in retail design and visual merchandising. As in nature, colors, shades, prints and materials are renewed in stores and window displays.

For instance, mannequins this spring are popping out in white, the latest fashion color. Others, made of wood, show an awareness of environmental issues.

European retailers are also using color in elaborate sceneries. At Hermès in Paris, stalactite caves full of precious objects create a fairy tale wonderland.

Simpler installations show the revival of sketches and cartoons as backdrops to elegant fashions. Lanvin celebrates the upcoming wedding season by showing a groom on his big day. Parts of the colorful sketch come out of the background to create a setting for some unusual mishaps on his way to the altar.

There are always the bizarre, attention-grabbing exaggerations, including absurd fashion outfits. In Paris, John Galliano shows life vests and helmets as survival gear for today's urban shoppers.

Kenzo Boulevard de la Madeleine, Paris Fashion and
ecology aren't a contradiction anymore with reused
wood elements serving as a bright geometric
  Lanvin Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris The dapper groom steps out into the scenic countryside, only to be surprised by unforeseen accidents.   Yves Saint Laurent Rue du Faubourg Saint-
Honoré, Paris Art inspires fashion. Or is it
the other way around?
Ludwig Beck Marienplatz, Munich Spring forecast: a clean and minimalist outlook.   John Galliano Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris The fashion survival kit for the 21st Century has some interesting gear.
India is full of surprises. Retail IS booming. The practice of Visual Merchandising is common with every retailer, but unconsciously. Share the displays around you, near your home, on your way to office...submit your entries to [email protected]
A very decorative way to do festive lighting in-store. These small bulbs are places in the fancy shaped plywood. You may see the same lighting on level 2 as well, in the picture. Since the ceiling height was low, this was very effect and was really bringing out the festive look. It was done in one of the very popular retail outlet at Koch, Kerala (south of India)   Another road side shop, this time of Ayurvedic herbs. The guy here has cure from cold to Cancer. The herbs cost from Rs.15 to Rs.130 and even more depending upon the duration vs. quantity of the dose. The display is done price point wise. Front row are the expensive ones and the back row are the cheap ones. The salesperson himself is the doctor and stands behind his products.
New Products
New Products New Products
Forget the hassle of taking clothes on and off in the dressing room - you can now try new outfits without taking any of your clothes off. The intelligent dressing room, shown by Metro Group at CeBit, scans your measurements and lets you see on a projection screen how a piece will look on you. You also get a list of suggested items that go along with the outfit you choose.

A simple way to let most of the customers try the new skirt, without provoking them to enter a trial-room and save their time. The actual size digital print of the skirt is pasted on the mirror (at an average height) and the customer may stand in front of it to check it out!

Students Column
New Products New Products
Theme: Autumn Winter
Category: Footwear
Group Members: Ashutosh, Mahelaqua, Manisha & Iqleen

Theme: Spring Summer
Category: Perfumes
Group Members: Asha, Devika, Ridhima, Vaniya & Ranjit



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