VM Audits

Competition stimulates improvement in quality of services and products.

It brings about positive change.

To improve, one has to first and foremost accept the fact that competition exists. Direct or in-direct, every brand is challenged by another brand. For those who believe there is no competition, monopoly does not exist, nor does perfect competition. 

To compete is to prove supremacy.

What is your competition offering that you are not?

Are they getting more footfalls or are they offering a better shopping experience? 

Our Competition Benchmarking Audits help you understand where you stand against your competition.

Analysis is done on various parameters. To begin with we have walk-in-drivers. Here we try to understand what all is competition doing to get in more customers.

Various tools are used to analyse walk ins, the most obvious being window displays. A well styled display will most certainly get more eyeballs. 

Our brand audits offer an integrated, multi-disciplined approach and provide authoritative feedback on what’s happening in-store.

We research all aspects of brand delivery including; store front, window displays, merchandise presentation, signage, product knowledge of store staff, and store hygiene.

We have an enviable reputation for detailed and accurate reporting, expert analysis and objective feedback.

Unlike basic mystery shopping activities, which still leave many unanswered questions, our brand audits provide in-depth retail critiques that give clarity on the key issues to maximise effective decision-making. 

As a result, our brand audits are used for strategy development and many practical brand delivery improvement projects, within all market sectors.

Using a range of effective information gathering techniques, we collect qualitative and quantitative measurement data including; comment based findings, statistics and photography.

Information is compiled into clear and comprehensive summary management reports for client presentation and discussion to maximise the value of the insight gained

To get ahead of your competition you first need to know your strengths and weaknesses.


Then compare them to the strengths and weaknesses of your competition.

Here, an unbiased third party opinion is critical. 

Our Benchmarking Audits work as a SWOT analysis.

They can be used to assess where you stand in your market in relation to your competitors.

It will help you build on strengths, minimise weaknesses, seize opportunities and counteract threats. 

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